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Cake Care Instruction Manual

While we take every precaution to ensure stability during transportation, handling, and serving, please follow these guidelines for a flawless presentation and delightful taste experience.


  • Safely and carefully transport the box with your order to your destination.

  • Place the cake box securely in your car (e.g. on the floor of the back seat)

  • Avoid speeding and sudden stops during transportation.

  • Carry the box with care to prevent any unnecessary jostling.

  • Tiered Cakes should not be held at the box handles are they are very heavy, rather carry them with two hands supporting the bottom of the box.

Refrigeration & Storage:

  • Refrigerate cake/cupcakes.

  • Place cake/cupcakes in a fridge space where strong odors are unlikely to be absorbed by the buttercream.

  • If the buttercream seems too soft at any point, place the cake back in the fridge.

Sunlight & Temperature

  • Keep all cakes/cupcakes out of direct sunlight.

  • Avoid keeping cake/cupcakes out of the fridge for an extended period, especially on hot days.

  • Ensure the cake is kept in a cool, dry area at all times.

Cake Cutting

  • Exercise caution when cutting cakes, as there may be dowels in for support.

  • Use a sharp knife to ensure clean cuts.

  • If there are flowers on your order, they are food safe, but it's still recommended to remove them before serving.

Serving Temperature

  • Serve all cakes/cupcakes at room temperature for the best flavour and texture.

  • Remove the cake from the fridge 1-2 hours before serving, adjusting the time based on the weather conditions.

  • Recommendation: Summertime - 1 hour, Wintertime - 2 hours

  • If cakes are removed from the fridge for too long, the buttercream and/or filling will start to melt.

Cake Stand Usage

  • If using a cake stand, choose one that is at least 2 inches (5cm) bigger than the cake board for a stable presentation.

  • Keep the cakes level at all times to prevent any leaning or tilting.

Steep Bakes' responsibility ends when orders are delivered or collected. A shortened version of the 'Cake Care' instruction manual will be given out with orders as well as be available to any customer on the Steep Bakes website to aid in handling of the order, but Steep Bakes will not be held liable for anything that happens to your order after delivery/collection.

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